"CueStix" the new home of "Monica and "Helena


L J Moss
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"Stix" the new home of "Monica and "Helena"

Villa Rica, Georgia is nestled somewhere in the hills about 50 minutes outside of Atlanta.( i napped on the way over from Atlanta)
This quaint, but bustling ,growing town is the new home of one of the nicest poolrooms i have encountered in a long while. "Stix" has only been opened a few weeks , but already bustles with the sound of pool balls breaking and beer bottles clanking. the food flowing from the kithen is the pride of Helena who's love of cooking shows in her thoughtful menu.
(try the chicken flautas handmade by none other than Helena).

the 8 diamond ,7 foot tables ,along with the 2 -9 footers stayed busy as the afternoon gave way to the UFC99 fights on the 7 (wall screens plus the huge big screen.(god,, helena and monica will look awesome in their own pool room on that screen in tv matches)

Monica, out of state today,surely is getting a little rest after all the work Helena says the 2 of them have done to get the place open.

Debbie Schyodt is here from Orlando, managing and working her tail off says Helena.
They all take turns practicing when time allows.

the 6,000 s/f poolroom, restraunt and nightclub, is awesome. Wish it was in my neighborhood.

i suggest that all you players put it on your must see list on the way through Georgia (just a little way off 75) and those that live here---ENJOY!

Linda Moss

Now, off to see what Mike Janis is up to in Atlanta.
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