Deciding on a cue


Interested in getting a custom cue. Looking for opinions on the following Lambros, Carmeli or Bd cues.
This is what I've narrowed it down to.
Looking for a daily player, nothing fancy.
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How do these cues play vs a predator (been shooting with various ones for awhile now)?. Would like a change but next cue has to play similar


How?Predator is yugo,and Lambros is space shuttle!!!
Ariel Carmeli is Boeing 757 !!!!
Hope this would help you if you want an honest opinion.


So the predator is better if fuel efficiency is your metric, carmeli is better if you want to fly but not break the sound barrier and have a reasonable chance of survival. ;-)

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Carmeli is the best bang for your buck, lambros makes a good cue too but once you get past the plain janes his work gets expensive, you can get a nice 6 point Carmeli for much less than you would get for a pointed lambros cue.

Carmeli cues play great, very consistent from cue to cue, unlike many other cue makers

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Thanks for the help.
Decided to get a BD cue and a Lambros.
BD for daily use and Lambros for Tournaments

Can you explain why you came to the decision that you did?

I recently played/practiced with a different cue than I used in tourneys and the results in the tourneys were not good. It took me a few racks to get used to the swap and by then I was sitting in the losers bracket.

Maybe you can transition without it affecting you and you made a good choice on cues. I hope you enjoy them.


I'm hoping The hit on both of Them are similar to the Predators ( not much adjustment) as that's what I've been using for the last dozen yeas or so. Different makers predator shafts. Full predators for about 8 years or so
I don't want to take the Lambros to my local pool hall.
I'll use it at home mostly. Nearer to tournaments I'll shoot more with the lambros