Dennis Orcullo vs. Shane VanBoening Race to 120 for $50K rematch


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With permissions from Mike Hoang and Phil Autieri of Omega Billiards I provide you a summarized video compilation of one of the best high stakes heads up matches including some of the best match statistics I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing provided by AtLarge (AZB Gold Member). The original match was hosted by Bill's Bar & Billiards in Oklahoma City, OK on Oct 23-25, 2020.

Recently OmegaTV released the streamed videos on their YouTube channel and it was as much a treat to watch it the 2nd time as it was for the live event.
Thanks to Mike and Phil for providing us that quality footage of an epic battle between the best players on the planet.

Please be sure to get yourself a seat to the epic re-match. Same place, same game, same equipment, same rules, same bet! Who'll come out on top?
The early bird special for the event ended last night but Phil told me today he is slowly increasing the cost until the day of the event, at that time the price will be the full PPV ticket price. You can grab your seat to this epic re-match and I believe we'll be in store for a treat for this re-match with some live match statistics.

You can grab a seat to the re-match scheduled for Fri-Sun June 18-20, 2021 at

The summarized video of the event with the full statistics is available for viewing here

The downloadable version of this video is available here

Enjoy the original match, enjoy the stats, enjoy the re-match.
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JB CASES' founder will be there. Anyone wanting to talk cue cases just find me at the venue and if I am not in a match I will be happy to talk to you.

405 693 0386