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Due to unintended consequences over another matter before the board I seem to be in a food fight with them over the provisions of one paragraph in the constitution and its interpretation. Please read below what it says and tell me if it means: Is there a period of three days for a motion no matter when the motion is made or does the motion period end when A MOTION is made? Just curious as to your opinion as you read this. Thank you for your time.

section 3.09.3) After the discussion period has ended any Board member may make a motion within the next 3 days ("Motion Period"), but the Board member who sent the request for discussion shall have a one day priority within which to make a motion; if more than one non-priority motion is made, the President shall choose the priority of the next motion; any motion made must contain the full and specific text of the proposed resolution of the Board or amendment to the Constitution, and if the motion does not contain the full and specific text, the President may in his/her discretion extend the Motion Period for up to an additional 3 days to allow the moving party to correct the motion;


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Pardon my interpretation as a non member, but a wannabe. If after the said discussion ends a three day period commences to make a motion, and more than one member can make a motion any of the three days, the priority is obviously set by the President in multiple Motions. The motion period therefore does not end when one makes a motion. The three day extension is only used for compliance to the constitution and only for the motion made which was non compliant and does not extend the Motion period for others.
The only thing this paragraph seems to be stating in lawyer language is the President prioritizes more than one non priority Motion and has the option to grant an extension to any Motion maker to correct the Motion proposed.

Dennis, if you disagree maybe you can throw some food at me later. I would like to come out for the butterfly butt lessons if finances permit.
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