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Got a question for you cue junkies out there. Why do you collect the cues you collect and how did you go about choosing your theme?

I dunno if it qualifies as a theme but my 1st high end (or what I thought at the time) was a Schon. After hanging around a bunch of players w/ South Wests I acquired a SW. Then I became an addict. Acquired a Satin finish SW, Followed by a custom ordered Ed Young. I think at the time the theme I was going for was Kersenbrock influenced cues/cue makers.

Then I became fascinated w/ the traditional looking cues. Mottey’s work drew me in. So I ordered a cue Mottey. Now my focus is the classic/traditional looking cues. Since then I’ve sold and traded a lot good cues to have the small collection I have today. In the current collection are a Bluegrass, Cantando, Southwest, Szamboti, and most recently a Tascarella. On the lists for Hercek and Showman.

It’s very impressive to see the diverse types of collections AZ’ers have out there. From Tate’s to Fast n Loose; Highrun, Axelrose had a nice collection of tuxedo cues, then there’s Jazz, Kam, and Simon

I’m just re-evaluating my collection and thinking about what the next phase will be. I dunno I may be thinking of becoming an all Showman collector? Or since the Bluegrass and SW are non-traditional in style, sell/trade those off can continue the traditional theme w/ another blue-chip cuemaker? Schick? Searing? Haley? Or sell em all, Keep the Gus and get a Barry for a father/son cue combo?

Thanks to taking the time to read and respond.

Happy collecting,



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Nice collection!......I hate you:)

I'm the worst collector in the world BTW. Over the years I have had...

4 Black boars
2 Richard Blacks
1 Phillippe
3 Scruggs
2 Sigels
1 Joss West
2 Old Joss
and about 30 production cues!

I worked in a few pool rooms and didn't know what I had when I had the customs, and I kept selling them and moving up. By far the best hitting cue of the bunch was a standard 4 point rosewood Boar. I have been lookoing for that hit for 15 years, and just about found it in my latest Schon. It hits about 90% of that Boar, and that means it will stay in the playing case.

I also have a cue my friend Mike Kiem made me, one of his first dozen or so. It is 6 hi lo points with the points cut through the trim rings, that will stay in the case as well.

In the future I hope to add a Gus, and another Black Boar along with whatever grabs me.

I almost cried making that list!:)