Donovan's Party Poker Pool Game


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I should have posted this game sooner. I had a party at my house on New Year's Eve night and not everyone was a pool player, if you know what I mean. So, I took the old poker pool game and fixed it to work for everyone. It was so much fun they stayed and would not stop playing until the wee hours of the morning. We had like 8 people playing most of the time. Everyone one won a few times and it was fun watching to see what cards people might need by the crazy shoits they would try. I learned a few cool banks by watching this that night. :D Everyone commented on how much fun that was fun for them.

Donovan's Party Poker Pool Game

# of players: 2 to many!

Item needed:
Deck of Cards
Balls 1-13 and cue-ball
Quarters or poker chips?
Something to keep the stakes in.

First we drew high card for who breaks first and for the order we would be shooting in.

Next we all put a quarter in the wine glass and then dealt out a game of 5 card draw. Everyone did the usual throw away what they did not want and get back that many cards. Only rule there was, the most you can throw away is 4 cards and only if you kept an Ace (and if you did this you had to show it). Otherwise no one sees your cards until the last ball is made and someone yells "DONE!"

Then we racked all the balls except the 14 and 15 (we left out the bottom 2 corner balls when racking) and the person who won the last hand broke. The ball represented: 1=Ace, 11=Jack, 12=Queen, 13=King, and the rest is obvious.

"DONE!" - If the breaker made a ball, they got one shot, if not their turn was done. Each person in the order they drew at the beginning takes one shot. Each time a ball was made that you had the card of, it made that card playable. (If someone made the 11 ball, and you had 3 jacks, all 3 jacks now count toward your "playable poker hand.") You continue to take turns and shoot until one person has all their cards playable by way of all those balls being made. As soon as that happens they yell, "DONE!" First one to yell it, wins one quarter from the glass for completing their entire hand, no matter who made the ball or what kind of poker hand they had.

"Playable Poker Hand" - Now you only get to use the cards that had the balls made to see who had the best poker hand. (If you had 3 Aces but the one-ball did not get made, then the aces do not count.) Then of course, the winner of the best poker hand wins the rest of the quarters in the glass. Yes sometimes a person with only 2 playable cards won the hand.

You now all ante up again and the winner of the last hand breaks and you shooting order now follows the breaker; the order of who shoots next never changes. If someone new enters the game they either replaced the player that got out or just followed the last person to shoot and got put in the rotation that way.

If you have questions I will try and answer them. This truly was lots of fun, and I hope I explained it all well enough for you to enjoy it at your next party!


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That sounds like a lot of fun! I am going to try it at the next opportunity. Maybe even have a tournament! ;)


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Sounds like a lot of fun. I've been looking for a game playable for several people. Have had 6 or 7 people play bowliards. This will be something different.