Double Twisted Maple and Walnut Cross Fire Cue

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This one of a kind cue was made from stock i built for 2 different cues. I cut one of my turning blanks into veneers, then laminated them into another turning blank. Which produced the unique patterns you see here.This cue is a 16.5 ounce fast player. Featuring a walnut butt cap and joint collar, with a 3/8-10 stainless pin. Extra photos show the different views. This cue comes with a hard rock maple shaft with a tiger everest medium tip. 13mm ferrule. The "retail" price of this cue is 1750$. An extensive amount of work went into this cue. So much that i dont think i will make another one like it. I am accepting any reasonable offer on this cue please pm your offer. Thanks


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I have more images of this cue pm me and i'll send them to you or answer any questions you may have, Thanks


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Hey Mel,

Denise Belanger uses one of his cues and she let me try it out. I have used a Schon for the past 15 years and her cue hits twice as good as mine. I liked it so much that I gave Ron a call in Florida and hopefully I'll be getting my own soon. If all his cues hit like that one, which I'm pretty sure they'd be close, then you can't go wrong. I'm actually in the works of getting a barbox tour in Oshawa for this winter and spoke to him about the possibility of sending some cues up here to raffle.


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I own one of Rons cues, it hit with less deflection and better than my custom Vikings,Cuetec,Mcdermott and even better than my (or should i say now my wifes) Meucci. Ron is also a very good guy,I sent my cue and both shafts to him to have milled down. He was easy to get a hold of and the turn around was fast considering I am in Indiana and he is in Flordia. The price for the quality of workmanship and artistry is a deal.


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AZ'ers, I had the opportunity, earlier this week, to go over to Port Charlotte and visit Ron and see his shop and some of his completed cues. Actually, Ron showed me THIS cue. I've got to tell you that his cues (the twisted wood) is VERY UNIQUE and exceptionally beautiful. They are STRIKING. And, this cue is especially AWESOME. Ron does stuff with wood that no other cue maker does ... or, even tries to do!

If you're looking to buy a new cue, you owe it to yourself to give Twisted Turtle a look. You won't be sorry.

See comments about quality and playability in this thread:



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Twisted Turtle Cue

I recently purchased one of Ron Daniels cues for a friend of mine this past week.

He has been getting nothing but compliments and long hard stares over this cue. Everywhere we go, this cue is the center of attention. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the design is one of a kind. The cue plays awesome and is very reasonably priced.

Anyone who is looking for that one of a kind cue, this is the one for you!!!

Thanks Ron

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