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more pics and info available upon request

1. Steve Dunkel 2015 – $1750
Beautifully figured Olivewood forearm (cored) and butt sleeve with a tellurium copper custom 3/8-10 modified pin and joint. The ring work at C/D locations is very special (very hard to get a pic of) it is more of the tellurium copper with 2 silver fine rings in it, rings at A/B/E are copper. There are 3 high ebony points with white/blue/yellow/black veneers and 3 low ebony points. It has an elephant ear wrap. Comes with Steve’s rear extension
Butt: 29.5”, 15.5oz
Shaft 1: 29.5”, 3.3oz, 12mm, Steve’s LD
Shaft 2: 29.5”, 3.4oz, 12mm, Steve’s LD

2. Dan Dicola - $1500
Butt: 29", Ivory sleeve joint with a radial pin. Pigskin wrap (I think). Birdseye front with Ebony points with Black, Orange, Green, Natural veneers. Ebony buttsleeve w/ Ivory windows... ivory buttcap (one blemish on buttcap),
Butt: 29", 15.9oz with a .4oz weighbolt
Shaft 1: 29", 3.5oz, 12.5mm, Ivory ferrule, Flying Pig tip on a pad
Shaft 2: 29", 3.3oz, 12.7mm, Ivory ferrule, Wizard medium on a pad

3. Rick Howard - $1500
Snakewood merry widow, ivory buttcap, ivory sleeve joint, 3/8-11 pin
Butt: 29”, 15.4oz
Shaft 1: 29”, 3.9oz, 13mm
Shaft 2: 29”, 4oz, 13mm
Shaft 3: 29”, 3.7oz, 13mm

4. Alex Alpert #8 2013 - $1500
It's an ebony on ebony with flame veneers & notched diamonds, bumperless (note weight is non-changeable) 5/16-14 piloted with an ivXry collar joint and custom made joint protectors by Jim Baxter.
Butt: 29" (cored with Maple and a maple handle area), 13.8oz
Shaft 1: 29", 4.4oz, 12.9mm, Ivory ferrule
Shaft 2: 29" 4.3oz, 12.9mm, Ivory ferrule

5. Lee Peppers 2010 - $750
Rosewood forearm, 4 Purpleheart points with Natural, Green, & Black veneers, Purpleheart butt sleeve with double silver rings at A, B and E
Butt: 15.4oz, 29", 3/8-10 pin, Ivory half sleeve joint
Shaft: 3.9oz, 28.25", unknown ferrule and tip, 12.8mm

6. Jeff Bell - SOLD
Ivory joint, butt cap and rings, Thuya Burl butt sleeve and forearm, 12 Ivory Inlays of diamonds atop inlayed veneers running up and down the forearm and butt sleeve
Butt: 28.5”, 15oz
Shaft: 29”, 3.5oz, 12mm

7. Dominiak 001 - $400

Up for Sale is a Dominiak purchased directly from Bill at the Super Billiards Expo many years ago... It is cue 001. Of note, it has some 'blushing' in the finish, but has never been refinished because of the number. One mark on buttcap (in pic)
Butt: 29.25", Radial Uniloc (with a shoulder), 16.7oz (adjustable)
Shaft: 29.25", 3.7oz, 13.15mm (unknown ferrule and tip)


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