Earl Strickland trickshots at Hartwall Open, Players Billiard Bar Jyväskylä, Finland


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Hadn't ever seen this before, don't know how old it is. Hope no repost.


I like Earl, it would have been cool to be there in person for this!

Earl's show was about a week ago on Friday evening and the tournament ran from Friday to Sunday in Jyväskylä, Finland. Earl participated in the tournament as well and fell to loser side by a Finnish player Jouni Tähti - A multiple wheelchair world champion. Earl went out in last 32 by another tough Finn - Kim Laaksonen 8-7. I finished last 8 :)

I watched the whole Earl show through and have to admit that he is truly amazing. His stroke is out of this world and what impressed me the most were his wing shots and those crazy spin shots he shoots 100mph. Earl stayed with the fans and players talking, giving autographs and was available for photos. He was very friendly and social. He might have a few strong and highly subjective opinions why he lost, but as we know Earl it's totally another story and part of his persona :smile: :rolleyes: Also, Earl was keen on sharing his opinions to spectators during his matches as well, which of course was one the most entertaining parts the Earl show was to offer.


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Thanks for posting, I love watching & listening Earl play. I don't care what anyone says, to me he's the greatest pool player ever.