ebay brunswick:


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HEY WOODY,,,,,,,did you ever call Leon? He still has that old Brunswick for sale and told me he had tried to call you a few times....if you are still interested give him a call.:)


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it's a dufferin. they still use that bubble on their sticks but now with a maple leaf logo inside.


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woodyosborne said:
does anyone know who made this cue? brunswick? schmelke? ajay? anyone? anyone?


i got a cue butt similar from the ebay recently;
. it has similar lettering, no butt screw, no shaft. i asume the joint screw was in the shaft but don't know for certain. thanks for any ideas, woody

These cues were made in the late 60's into the 70's. They are very low quality, I doubt that Dufferin made these type cues for Brunswick. They do not use the Dufferin pin / joint style that was common during this time frame.

They do not show it in the auction photo's, however these cues featured a Brass joint with a Brass pin that is in the shaft.

I suspect that these cues were made in Asia, the time frame is right, and I am certain that these were not made by Schmelke like other cues that were produced for Brunswick during this time.