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Okay, so I found what I think is the last of my pool videos.

Here's the link and here's the list:

I put up 15 auctions on eBay, a few are multi-disc. I started each auction at $8, free shipping. Some might be worth it, some might not be worth it. It wasn't really worth the effort to take the time to research - I already put in over 10 hours in picture taking & cropping, writing, and individually one-by-one laboriously adding them to eBay since I'm not a professional eBay seller...

1) CJ Wiley's Master Collection - Six (6) DVD Set
2) Pool I.Q., "Little" Joe Valalpando, Kick Shots
3) Robert Byrne's Gamebreakers, Subtleties, Strategies, and Secret Shots
4) Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker DVD
5) Derby City Classics 2005 - two DVDs - Reyes Immonen Baraks Bustamante Sambajon
6) Accu-stats two DVD 2004 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship Owen, Hohmann, Bustamante
7) Pool / Billiards Subliminal self-help - two separate CDs / two separate sources
8) The Color of Money DVD
9) The Hustler DVD 2-Disc Set
10) The Hustler DVD Special Edition
11) Stickmen DVD
12) Poolhall Junkies DVD
13) Shooting Gallery DVD
14) Up Against the 8 Ball (DVD, 2004)
15) The Baron and the Kid starring Johnny Cash

eBay used to be fun and useful, but they've changed so much and their fees are so high, and it's so hard and time consuming to do any more... wah wah wah