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Looks like TheOne and Roy are hanging tough. Good luck!!!!
I'll be seeing you in Rankweil soon enough. :p



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mjantti said:
Seems like both players are out. Within a few hours the 64 single elimination will start.

This part of the forum is quiet... :(

I must be bad luck for Craig. Every time I wish him well, slap,slap and out!!:eek:
I'm going to stop wishing people well in the future. Same for Roy!!!!
A lot of surprise wins have taken place. Who will snap it off???????
Any guesses

Nobody cares what's going on over on this side of the
Marlon Manalo is hanging tough though after his one loss. Was surprised to see his name on the list!!!!



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Engert, Stepanov, Manala and some Polish guy left. My bet is on Manalo, hasn't given many racks in his last few matches...


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Kosta Stepanov proved strong enough to overcome Marvellous Marlon Manalo with promising 10-6 in Liberec, CzechRep.
Polish Wojcech Trajdos made it to the final past Germans Ralf Souquet in the quarters and Thomas Engert in the semis.
Though Stepanov defeated Trajdos at earlier stage 10-9, he wasn't lucky enough with his break in the final game and lost it 6-10.
I think it was first appearance in Eurotour final for both players, and the winner deserved it, no matter who.


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Wojcech Trajdos wins the final against Kosta Stepanov.
Both played awesome.

Wojcech Trajdos plays fast and unerring. I have never heard about this guy before and was surprised about that ;-)

Anybody knows his nickname ? (Maybe fast eddie :)


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hey frühlein, s'up :D ?

I'd also be very keen to get more information about this "mysterious" Wojcech Trajdos!

Since I've had never heard of him before, his victory really surprised me!