Evgeny Stalev vs California Kim - 2002 US Open 9-Ball


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Premiering tonight at 8pm EST for Treasure Tuesday - The leader of the Russian Invasion. Before the names Fedor, Tkach and Ruslan were so well known in the world of professional pool, there was Evgeny Stalev. Stalev, only 23, was already a multi time World Pyramid Champion and he took to American pool very quickly.

Here he plays pro pool legend, “California” Kim Davenport. Davenport really needs no introduction. He was a multi time Mosconi Cup veteran and former Player of the Year. This was later in his career, but his win earlier that year at the Reno Open proved that Davenport still had a lot of gas left in the tank.

Billy Incardona and Grady Mathews are in the booth.
Pat Fleming will be in the chat room.

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Wow, have not seen the name Stalev in forever. I take it hes back in russia playing pyramid and others games. What ever became of his peers such as Konstantin Stepanov(sp?)? That guy I thought he was going to be the next super player but he disappeared after a while.