First...I Eat


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Well, so far I haven’t been talked out of going for the six. As I was learning the game, I was showing a modest profit
because I had 6x12 accuracy. And a lot of players played too conservative. I called their choices “Don’t take my watch now, take it later.” a boxer hugging his opponent too much.
Most people no longer wear watches.......just saying.


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I'm not much of a one pocket player but I like leaving the cue on the rail close to the three off the 15.

I don't wear rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. But I like my watches.


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Strange, I’ve never seen a golfer wear a watch in action....but Phil Michelson does. the hell do you play golf like that?....and he does it very well.


Depends on how well you are shooting.You could always thin the 11 and put the cue ball on the bottom rail preferably on the 3.