Folded corner cloth on corner pockets, GC 4

paul j

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I have been folding the cloth on my corner pockets, the same as you would do on the side pockets and it helps to reduce opening a bit , and prolonging corner wear . It also is much easier to do. Am I committing a sin ?


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Its just wrong, isnt that enough? WE are supposed to answer the question correctly. There is no "technique" of that nature that ANY mechanic practices. I dont care who it is, its wrong and thats my story, people who still wanna say its ok, ITS NOT< thats my story and I am stickin to it :)


paul j

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Attached are pics of my corners, I have done stapled corners in the past but wanted to try something different. The corners play the same to me, but after 60 years of playing I’m still a hacker!