forum access using a PDA or cellphone


Time Stand Still
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Hi folks. I am using a PDA to access the forum tonight. for the fuirst time ever. My laptop broke about a week ago, and I am finding it tio painful to use the forum with this device.

Does anyoine access the fiorum from their cellophone?? @ 85 3!@6?


AzB Silver Member
Silver Member
I'm on my Motorola Q now. It's not as easy as on a PC but I make do with what I have. Of course that said, I'm saving up for a new laptop at which point I'll be able to contribute more to the forums. If y'all want to-the-minue Predator 9-ball updates, I'm up for donations! ;-)

Ktown D

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I use my Ipaq occasionally and it really isn't that bad. Haven't tried with my phone but it would probably be a pain in the ***.