Four Efren Reyes IPT matches show on Filipino Television


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It appears that the acknowledged godfather of Philippine pool, Aristeo “Putch” Puyat acquired the rights at substantial cost in order to please Filipino fans....

From the above article, it seems that Trudeau and the IPT made some substancial cash by selling those TV rights.
I wonder if any of this substancial amount of cash has anything to do with the Reyes getting paid rumours.

Seems to me that Aristeo Puyat the buyer of the TV rights is Efrens sponsor/employer and would most likely arrange to have Efren paid something seeing that all matches feature him and the Filipino television ratings will be really high.

It's only speculative on my part, however, it would seem to make sense.Hopefully Efren receives some pay for his victory, and better yet all the players get paid eventually.
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Efren is a cash comodity in the Phillipines.

We in the US don't appreciate great pool players and don't care to pay to watch them or we are to busy to pay and watch - I am included. I think that there is a greater demand in Asia - time will tell.