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Hi Folks,

I was once a fanatic in this forum, as some of you may know. I had planned to list some things within the last year, but now I'm finally getting around to listing some of the pool items that I will never be using due to my back injury. I feel somewhat obligated to give you a folks "heads up", since some many of you became virtual friends, and were there when I needed you in difficult times. I learned so much from this forum, it's hard for me to begin to describe my gratitude. I hope you all are enjoying the great game, which unfortunately I have lost interest in. Some of you probably know how rare this book is, and I could not find another for sale anywhere tonight.

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM PST this book listing will appear on ebay, and there is a buy-it-know option.

I'm not sure if this link will work yet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Position-Pl...are-pocket-billiards-pool-book-/331478578269?


Pocket Billiards - Position Play for High Runs

Published originally in 1973, this is the second printing from 1975. This is most likely the rarest and most sought-after book on pocket billiards or pool, ever published. It contains knowledge that is considered secret according to many people that I have spoken to, back when pool was my main hobby. It contains diagrams for advanced position play, and although geared towards the 14.1 continuous straight-pool game, the techniques can are applicable to any game. It's the type of book, where one page/diagram provide a weekend of learning. It is my most treasured pool book., but I injured my back, to the point where I have lost interest in the game. I bought the book new, and have been the only owner. I noticed that there is a very small water or coffee stain on the cover, a on just the corners of the first few pages, and on the bottom. There is no writing anywhere in the book, including the blank pages at the end! Although complete, the first few pages are loose at the top, and the first page is completely loose. I will capture the condition in the photographs. It is an amazing book, and seems to be unavailable anywhere else. I expect the value to increase over time, due to its rarity. The first photograph is stock, but I will provide some pictures of the actual book shortly. Thank you for your interest. I have not bought or sold anything on ebay in many years, but please check my feedback history, which is 100%, and please read the comments. I am very flexible on shipping options. Thank you for your interest.
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