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Hello All;

I am pleased to offer a SW cue without having to break the bank. If you've been monitoring sales of these they're hovering in the near $3k range. SW has earned big rep for their cues' great playability and they just seem to keep increasing in price.

Cue is birdseye maple and features black joint collars with single white disks. The joint is their usual flat faced phenolic with a 3/8 11 pin. The wrap is black with white speck Irish linen.

This cue plays superbly and is in really nice shape. I can see no dings, scratches or other imperfections and although it is used the shaft shows little to no bluing. Cue rolls well with a very slight variance that in no way would affect play. I can text a video to any prospective buyer if they would like. This is a super solid, very nice looking, and great playing cue.


Butt............ 15.7 oz
Shaft 1....... 3.55 oz, 13 mm, non-ivory ferrule
Joint.......... Flat faced black phenolic with 3/8 11 pin
Wrap......... Black with white speck linen
Length...... 58" overall, typical SW uneven split
Weight..... 19.25 overall

This nice SW cue could easily become your new lifetime player. 👍

Price is $SOLD PENDING PYMT. OBO & Includes insured shipping anywhere in CONUS

NO Trade Offers Please!

Paypal, Zelle, USPS money orders or Cash are all fine but if using pp, please pay such that their 3% fee is covered.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to make purchase arrangements.

Thanks for having a look!

brian kc


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Fun story.

I was at SW when Jerry was just wrapping up the first batch of satins, it was just a idea he had to make use of some maple he didn’t want to cut points into and some shaft wood that was good but not up to spec for his regular cues. To be clear they were not made of 2nd’s or bad wood by any standard. Was just a side idea and a lower barrier to entry to sell a few cues that weren’t custom.

The first batch was just completed within a couple days of me popping into the shop. I asked if I could buy one. “Sure” Jerry replied. Yay! I was happy he said take your pick. Of course I was going to get the juiciest BEM in the batch-there were 12-15 iirc. Not more than 15 could have been 12. Not sure the exact number but I’m close. The first 2 I picked he said we’re accounted for. So my 3rd choice was mine. I stayed a hour or 2 hanging out as usual.

I went to the pool room that night all happy with my new SW-when I woke up that day I had no idea o was going to get a new SW. Any day you get a new SW is a great day!!!

It was beautiful, it played great. Everyone that night kept asking me about it as there are loads of SW’s in Vegas (go figure) and this one was different. Finally I realized I had something special.

Back then I was buying and selling lots of cues on the rail in pool rooms all over Vegas/LA/Phoenix. I had a personal collection too but for what ever reason I decided to sell it that night. I had never flipped a SW before. I owned a couple but never in & out real fast.

I didn’t know if satins were gonna be a thing or not-Jerry didn’t know. I asked him. He said “See how it goes, maybe I’ll do a batch again someday”. Jerry was a great person and cared about his cues, not just a money grab. He really cared and didn’t want satins to dilute the SW reputation. We talked at length about this.

I was on the super short stack in life at the time, so cue $ was easy money. So I sold my satin from batch #1 the 3rd pick to someone.

what did I pay?


Fatboy(still has satins I’ll never sell from later batches)

I should post this where it will get read more.