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Let's Go Brandon!
It wasn't an organized activity. I'd be at the playground, running the ladders and rings and eventually end up hanging from the horizontal bars.
I didn't think it was anything special. Never dawned on me that my friends couldn't do it.
Well, that is definitely the issue!! One that I dare to say can be reversed for sure. I hurt my shoulder in the late 90's doing heavy close grip bench press. Had chronic pain for about 10 years... regular bench press would bother me but I could still do dumbbells without any issues... working overhead would kill me after a short time (I own a plumbing/electric company so that's a common thing for me to do)... anyway... I started doing a lot of calisthenics/gymnastics style training in 2007. In less than a year that pain was minimal... not long after and to this day gone for good... and I still train very hard... like working the human flag and things like front and back levers and tons of other shit.
I can point you in the right direction of a lot of people to follow on YouTube and Instagram if you're interested...


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