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One of my earliest memories is of watching a crop duster beside our farm. He was flying between the barb wire fence and the electric wires to dust a field. In those days of flying the old Waco bi-planes and short poles there was damned little clearance between wheels or top of plane and wire.

Always fascinated by them, never gave it a try! Met an old boy named Unk, they had pulled his ticket due to a bad heart. He told tales of the new hotrod dusters. Those things look more like a fighter than a crop duster. He said the farmer would watch, wanting the poison put in low and slow to get good coverage. Unk did this until the farmer went to lunch, then 200mph passes!

My mom came over one day about this time and I mentioned I thought I would take up crop dusting. She was a bit apprehensive. "When?" I told her I had to get a pilot's license, a couple years experience, and about $50,000 for a decent used plane. "Oh, I thought you meant right now!" That wasn't an unreasonable fear, that is how I took up driving an eighteen wheeler and a stock car, most things I did. Buy or build what I wanted and go. A bit more involved to fly and I never got around to it.