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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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200ft in the air and a boning knife?

Two hundred feet up the iron in a papermill. I worked as an industrial insulator and sheet metal mechanic for about fifteen years off and on. A bit more in later years.

A boning knife or similar knife was required equipment for an industrial insulator. After lunch or other brief times of rest we often found an impromptu target and threw the knives. At a dollar a head you could pick up some decent cash fast if you could throw a knife. Being a big fan of Tarzan and similar books and movies since before I started grade school I was throwing a knife since I was walking good, or about five or six to be more accurate.

While it wasn't real clear in my first post, I was looking at the boning knife handle embedded in the door, tee paul was looking at the pointy end, all seven inches.


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