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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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Ours was always broken with a smaller B&W tv on top....with a rabbit ear antenna wrapped in aluminum foil...


My wife had one of those heavy assed portable TV stands that would never be repaired again. She insisted on keeping it through three or four moves. One move I had deliberately left it till last hoping to get away with leaving it behind. No such luck and I was hauling just it by itself in the back of my older pick-up truck when a cop hauled me over. "Just curious why you are hauling that nice TV this time of evening."

"That isn't a TV. It is just the stand we have been using for our portable TV for the last ten years. Like all the rest of these things, it doesn't work!" "We are moving and I tried to leave it behind. The wife insists on keeping it, why I am hauling it last and all by itself." The cop laughed and left.

I favor the entertainment center on the left!