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That's Pressure Billiards in Chicago, owned by a friend of mine until it closed last year. I doubt that any of the regulars voted, but it was a great service to the neighborhood (and the alderman liked it).

They asked all the pool players if the ch-ity needed more shooters! Of course they voted yes.

Now a little song from The Beetlesjuice...(sing along!)

Here comes the Purge (Doo-d-doo-doo)
Here comes the Purge (Doo-d-doo-doo)
It's not right!...

...anyone what to write the rest of the lyrics?


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If it's funny I don't get it - but it's cool.
The blood moon eclipse over Wiltshire, UK - approximately 35 images were taken to create this. (
: Steven Sandner)

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I don't think it's supposed to be humorous - perhaps eerie at best.

It's the blood moon over Stonehenge in Wiltshire, U.K. It was created by Steven Sander in October 2021 and entered into the 19th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest (altered image category).

I do think it's pretty cool, myself.