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It's kind of funny. Twice in my life, I've had friends talk a band into letting me play with them. Once in Bakersfield and once in Singapore.

Singapore was pretty cool. We went into port while I was active Navy and a friend and I got a suite at a hotel. We had gone to a club they had in the basement and there was an American band playing. They took a break and me and my friend decided to go up to the room to get some more drink. The band rode up with us in the elevator. My friend said to the band my friend here plays some pretty good guitar you should have him come on stage with you.

The band says yeah we're going to our room come backstage in ten minutes and we'll see.

I was a bit buzzed and said sure. So I went back stage and he handed me his guitar. I played some SRV and he said, "Go out to the crowd and we'll call you up".

So I did. I was planning on playing a specific song but they were already playing a standard blues riff in 'B' so when he handed me the guitar I just started shredding some blues. They had announced which ship I was from and that I was in the Navy and I heard someone yell out from the crowd, That dude is from MY SHIP!!! YEAH!!!!..

Playing in front of a crowd is an almost indescribable feeling.



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Hot Chick: You're so tall, with big hands and feet. Do you have a huge D?

Me: Yes, I do.

Hot chick: I like nine inches.

Me: "Ok, I'll cut it in half."