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This is my review of the GTF replica series 1x2 in rust lizard print. Contact Tony (Benfica) for a great selection.

1st Thank you John Barton for building and designing this line!
2nd Those that already own one already know all of this.

Now on to the case. The first thing I noticed is how well the leather is fitted to the case. Being a "Replica" series it was one of the 1st things I looked at. The finishing on the end caps of the case is true perfection. The second thing I noticed about the case was balance and texture. This case just feels good in your hand. I bought a lizard print case and the texture that is embossed into the leather itself is nice and deep. That along with the thickness grade of leather used gives a very strong impression that this case is armored well for my cue. Then you notice the length of the case and lid space and realize this case will take any size joint protector on almost any length cue. A true collector's case. Upon removing the lid I was also so very impressed at how the material wrapped tube suctioned and worked better than the old style It's George cases. So what do I find inside but more fit and finish that is top notch. The material used is so soft yet strong. You find this desire to just keep popping the lid off this case because it feels that nice. So I slide my cue into the case:rolleyes:ummm yeah, and I thought at first oh no it won't fit! Well I kept going and it hit bottom nice and snug and though this must be the "Lovable Hug" I heard about. Next went in the shafts to the same nice snug fit. Kinda like tucking your kids in at night. Except the cues come first right:grin-devilish:? Just kidding. So there it was all snuggled in new GTF protection and then I slid the lid on. WOW! I said to myself. I own and collect It's George cases and swore they could never be improved upon. Well like my wife says "I was wrong again". In fact I can not think or find one thing about the case that I would change. Try it for yourself and see. As for buying a new case of this traditional design I can not see buying any other brand. My only request to John and GTF is I really need a 3x6:grin: So this case is easy to sum up if you are giving GTF a thought. This is a nice case $195 to $300+. Ultimate protection for your cue PRICELESS! http://www.gtfcases.com/


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warren lee

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gtf case

hey I think the cases are extremely well made,I have a 2/4,--a 1x2,no handle,no strap/no pouches/just a latch.(not that you even need one)beats "its george" by light years.Roy Mallot has a large variety of cases @ cues at his site.indyq,put it on google hell come up,check all his cases.Warren:cool::cool::smile:


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GTF Replica Cases-The BEST PERIOD!

You will not find a better case for protection! I carry mine on my shoulder upside down all the time-That should say it all!


can anyone tell me what type of case this would be classified as? im looking for this style case, 1x2, but not so expensive, if thats possible.


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I am also interested in this case.

Cannot afford a 2x4, I do like the sleek style but does a 1x2 replica have shoulder straps/exterior pockets?


i did the research, and these types of cases from GTF are easily the best buys. great protection, and awesome prices. this is a fellini style case, and the 1x2 doesnt have exterior pockets, or any straps.


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Own the same leather type (looks just the same) but the the slightly less expensive version with the black plastic top and bottom (forget the difference in product names - the point is the leather need not be folded or something) and without brass closure. Apart from storage (a 1x2 is to small for everyday use - for me!), it's what I use to mail valuable custom cues all over the world, because our customs officers have an unfortunate history of ripping open parcels with e.g. utility knives to check content, and our federal mails service not only isn't known for handling parcels gently all the time, they've also lowered the maximum insurance sum for parcels to $1500… "Service to the seller" is what my dad calls this new tendency - I'd put in a "LOL" here if it were funny in the least. Bottom line: there's nothing better to protect one's cues.

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

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