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Kamui or Molinari for me, I need something that comes in sizes and typically the biggest one I can get my hands on, though they do tend to stretch over time. I cut the cuffs off as soon as I get them, I don't like the velcro cuff part. They last me a good while, 6mo minimum and sometimes more than a year. I toss them in the washing machine occasionally which helps freshen them up.


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I'm a huge fan of the Longoni Sultan glove. It ain't cheap, but it fits perfectly and lasts a very, very long time.

I can get about 3-6 months on a predator second skin before I have issues, but the Longoni last me about 3 years (I figure I play about 5-10hr/wk).


I went through a period a couple years ago where I tried a bunch of brands and had a hard time finding one I really liked. I have large hands and a lot of the brands seemed to be a pretty tight fit. This often caused them to wear unevenly or to become stretched out or split along the seams. I finally settled on the Predator second skin gloves, because they offer an XXL and have been available for a steep discount on Seyberts. I generally prefer the gloves with full coverage on the fingertips, since occasionally an odd bridge will cause the tips of my fingers to touch, but the Predator has enough of a margin that when needed I can just loosen the glove up a bit.


I don't like the ones with non-slip palm coatings that always wear off leaving bits on the table. Tried Cuetec Axis which I like, but recently am gloveless. With a CF shaft and dry winter conditions, I really don't need one, and am finding my bridge hand is better planted without it. But in the summer I may wear it again.
I don't care about the brand, most important is the fit.


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I absolutely love the Cuetec Axis glove. Its nicer than the Kamui or Molinari, blows away the Predator, and is a little cheaper than all three. I found using the pull-away tab has added additional life to the glove.

I can't find one anywhere. Buying anything these days is crazy!