Good cue makers


Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a cue maker that will make a simple cue,no points,rings or inlays for around 400$?



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A couple to consider

Try one of Bob Freys sneakies. Or give Jim Baxter a buzz

Both are reasonable and imo play well
Good luck

Bob is pretty flexible. You can choose pin size. Weight. Length and type of wood. He takes about 8 weeks for a simple sneaky. I like his work and he'll shoot the breeze on the phone if you get him started

Jim also has excellent customer service
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Kim Bye

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Bob Flynn (denali cues) also makes good cues at reasonable prices.
Schmelke are also cool to deal with.


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I was browsing 'Double A Cues' website today and was pretty impressed with the craftsmanship.


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Check out Schmelke cues...good cues and great price. Can build your own order..