Gorgeous McDermott 1987 4 veneer sharp


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There was a thread about this cue on here before. It is the 1987 Lucky 13. The story was it was part of a promo where if a dealer bought 12 cues, they would receive this free. I contacted Jaime at McDermott and asked him about and he could not find any documentation about it. He also said that in the twelve years he has been there he has never seen another one and he has seen a lot of cues in for repairs and refinish etc... So either it is a one of or the story is true and there are probably very few out there. Right now it is showing it's age and is in great player condition or ripe for a refinish to make it knock down awesome. Ebony into BEM. The points are perfect and have 4 veneers ( black, orange, red, orange ). There are 2 small finish nicks on the joint that shows snow white under the 25 year old darkened finish. This cue would POP with a refinish. It has a weight bolt and is straight as an arrow T&A. Standard 3/8x10 pin. Tight going together. Could use a new tip but it is playable. 58" and 19 oz. Price is SOLD shipped in the hard case. Caliper shows tip at 12.4mm. Points are perfect. NO TRADES............
Now after babbling, here are some pics.
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