Gorst goes undefeated to win US Open 10-Ball title at Griff's in Vegas


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Of the 17 events in which he has cashed in the first two+ months of 2023, Russia’s Fedor Gorst has won 11 of them. His biggest payday in that time frame occurred when he finished 3rd at the WPA 10-Ball Championships in Las Vegas last week (Feb. 28-Mar 4). He and Spain’s Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz, the top two names on our AZBilliards Money Leaderboard (#1 & #2, respectively), played in the semifinals of that event, described by Keith Paradise in a report posted here on March 5 as “an epic, hill-hill battle,” won by Sanchez-Ruiz, who would go on to be denied the opportunity to be the first player in history to hold world titles in 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball simultaneously. He was defeated in the finals by Albania’s Eklent Kaci, who came from 5-1 down to claim the title.

In the absence of Kaci, Sanchez-Ruiz and Josh Filler, who finished 1-2-4 the week before, Gorst entered the $10,000-added US Open 10-Ball Championships at Griff’s in Las Vegas last Monday (March 5). The field of 52 entrants did include a number of competitors on our Money Leaderboard, including the eventual runner-up, Roland Garcia (#10), three others against whom Gorst competed and a long list of players who, on any given day, would certainly be capable of defeating any one, any where, at any time, including, but not limited to Aloysius Yapp, Oliver Szolnoki, John Morra, Denis Grabe, Jeremy Sossei and Billy Thorpe (all with positions among the top 100 in our 2023 Money Leaderboard).

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Mr. Gorst is not going to let anyone else have much fun it seems. He did half of the hard work, he got to the top, now lets see how long he chooses to stay there. Most seem to start losing interest pretty quickly, they stop practicing and take up other interests, golf, women , booze drugs, I hope he still enjoys pool for a long long time, he is a great player and can only get better with experience.
GoGo Gorst Gadget!