Griff's in Las Vegas


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Griffs definitely wouldn't need the normal rescue other places do. Great room.

Hope to catch the episode, miss being there


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Bar Rescue​

S8 E9:Behind the 8 Ball NEW!​

Watch the full episode online.
Available on:
First Aired: July 18th, 2021
TV14Series, RealitySeries
A premiere billiards hall in Las Vegas is at risk of closing after its owner struggles to recover from the effects of the pandemic and an inept manager.
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I think that's a different one. That one was Zan-Z-Bar in Denver. Which I went to once. Stayed about 20 minutes.
sixpack, Howdy;

Ok, You're correct. I didn't scroll far enough to see the "New" shiney object. chucklin'

WGDave in post #30 has it correct.



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Well as I watch show anyway, we shall see what is what.

I have jokingly said for years Taffer need to do spin off show. Pool Room rescue, many candidates in Phoenix.


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Just saw a commercial that Bar Rescue will be airing an episode of a famous pool room in Las Vegas.
All the employees in the commercial had hats that said Griff's. Is this "old" news, because it's the first I've heard of it.
They filmed it a few months ago
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I’ve been on a couple shows like that and a few more that never aired. Everyone was BS scripted or impromptu type of BS ideas thought of in the spot edited into some narrative that appeals to wide reaching audiences.

Reason I mention this is Griffs is doing just fine now and absolutely doesn’t need a rescue. Mark has been in the pool room biz longer than what ever show this is filmed for. It’s all BS.

Great for exposure but it’s all BS at the end of the day


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I'd say as long as the employees do not "act" like total assholes and there are not super gross kitchen messes, huge rats or roaches the publicity is good for most places that show up on a show like that.


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