Guess the wood in this old Brunswick cue


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Winner gets nothing, well ok, you get an Atta Boy. This one had a wrap since new, I will show the pics with the wrap removed, it's a stunning difference. (Not the Maple above the points, just what surrounds the label and runs to the veneers.)

Smile, it's a wonderful Sunday.

IMG_3166 (2).JPG
IMG_3169 (2).JPG


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Pretty hard considering we don’t have much to go on. It’s always hard to ID wood with typical pics. Can you give another pic where the decal is not in the way?


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I enjoy the wood posts.
I had an old 1pc Purpleheart Titlist. It was quite fat. General mud brown.
I took a little bit off of that cue and it was a pleasing delightful purple.
I will guess Bubinga.


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Flat out guess, but I`m gonna say Wedge Gonna make a nice looking cue when finished though
Thanks for sharing