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The other great WICO point cue I know of I used to own. It's a wedge Palmer and I believe Tate may own that cue. It is also one of the best examples of WICO points, not only in the points, but in the wedge.

Steve's Gus and that Palmer are two of the best examples currently known..

(Steve not meant to hi-jack.. just educate)


That Szamboti is definitely one for the history books.

Thanks, Joe - yes I have the WICO Palmer it and it's one of my favorite cues. I spoke with Peter Balner about the forearms. He bought maybe a few hundred from Bob Meucci directly. I think this was before the National venture in the late 1960's while he had B.M.C. cues. All of the Palmer forearms had 4 points and were ebony points into maple.

Peter said they decided not to buy any more because he was concerned the vinyl "veneers" would not hold up over time. The veneers were actually a seamless "L" shaped molding laminated and glued into a milled pocket.

Later on, Viking made their own version with vinyl neveers. Most of the Viking cues I've seen were 3 pointers.

The cue is still in amazing shape and this one held up just fine.

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Another rare find!

You have waaaay too much time and money to spend on finding and acquiring all of these fabulous cues!!!!!

I will be very happy to help you store and protect them!