Happy Birthday Randy Goettlicher

Scott Lee

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Happy Birthday Pops...to one of the best instructors anywhere, my mentor, and one of my best friends! Hope you play well today at the VNEA! Have an extra Arnold Palmer on me! :thumbup:

Edit: I'm actually a couple of days early. Pops' BD is June 4th.

Scott Lee
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Happy Birthday Randy!

How does it feel to be 40 now ?:thumbup:
Kind Regards,
Bob Guzik

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A man who has done a lot for our sport. :yeah:

Hope you have a terrific birthday, Randy. :dance:

brian kc


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Randy, did you notice how quick you got to this age?.
...that's how it goes when you live Texas Epress style. :)

Happy birthday, sir


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happy birthday randy
enjoy your day
if you make it to florida give me a ring

cardiac kid

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Hey Randy,

Wish I'd have known when I saw you yesterday in Vegas. Happiest of Birthdays to a great guy. See you in July!