Happy Birthday RandyG


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Happy Birthday Randy!!! Hoping we can get together again this year!


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Happy birthday Randy, I hope you have a great one!:happy-birthday::dance::happy-birthday:


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Happy Birthday!

Randy is one of the good guys that has contributed far more to pool than most know.

Happy Birthday Randy!



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Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANDY !! Youhave been good for pool in Texas over the years. Say hi to Karen for me. Robert (Thanks for my nickname)


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Happy Earth Day!!!


I hope you enjoyed your special day and wish you MANY more filled with love, peace and optimal health.

Additionally, I hope you continue having joyous discoveries about this game we love so that your game improves and you can share what works with those who are open and receptive to learning what you share and teach.



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Thanks everyone.

I did have a great 70th Birthday. My Kids took me golfing. I received Hank Haney's new book, "The Big Miss". Also got a dozen Titleist balls. Had a wonderful back yard cookout complete with a cold Arnold Palmer drink. Doesn't get much better for a day.

School looks good for the Summer, I will have to bury my head and go back to work. I haven't taught since returning from Las Vegas where I played extremely well in my Singles & Team Events....had fun!

You posters are the best,