Have I come across the ultimate nit?

RT Ford

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I was playing in a small tournament this afternoon/evening - Field of 32. I won the first game 7-1, even while I played like trash. I blamed this performance on the new shaft I am using, an ACSS M Musashi 12.5mm, which came with a rock hard Kamui black on the end (I think). I got it for a steal, and thought I'd give it a whirl in this semi-serious tournament in place of my Musashi VI 12.8mm which has a medium Moori. It just felt horrible and I moaned about it quite a lot, to just about anyone who would listen, in a generally quite jovial way. I was in quite a good mood considering I really did not play anything like I wanted to.

Come second game, and I am still playing pretty poorly, with a few exasperated table taps and some pouting (can't help myself). I am playing a guy who I'd actually chatted with a fair bit while waiting around... I came back from 3-1 down, and the score is now set at 5-3. At this point, I had enough of this rock solid tip and took my old shaft from my cue case, and put it on the chair, unscrewed my cue in order to put the old shaft back on. This was at the end of the rack, not mid-frame... The guy calls to the floor referee who is working all the tables for the light off, and goes to shake my hand... Now I am super confused at this point and I think he is conceding to me... so I begin to shake his hand. Referee comes over and asks who won, and he claims it... 15 minutes of confused bickering follows.

I explained I took my old shaft out of my case to put it onto my cue. The guy I am playing knew I had been moaning about the new shaft, as I'd spent half an hour sat next to him waiting for the game. I even showed him the shaft... Both he and the referee just cling hard to language barrier issues and crack out the phone translation like they can't understand me (they absolutely can). They basically cite the 'breaking your cue down is a forfeiture' line.

Now, I fully get that breaking the cue down is a forfeiture, and generally stops people from sharking someone when they're on the last ball (My understanding, is that it could cause someone to dog match ball, and it would be bullshit to screw your cue back together and swoop in). But this guy... would not relent. if it wasn't for a close friend of mine helping me to see the pathetically funny side of it, I probably would have gone full sourpuss and loudly questioned his 'face' (culturally people don't like to be loudly called into question here, probably would have got me on his life-long Hitlist, or a beating in the carpark :ROFLMAO:).

It was incredibly obvious I was just switching the shaft in my opinion. People stop mid-rack to screw together a jump cue when required... So I can't switch a shaft in-between racks? I am genuinely amazed anyone would be happy to take that as a win.

Anyway, I hung around to watch him get demolished by the aforementioned close friend, and did enjoy some exaggerated celebration after. Then came home and thought I'd vent about it here. Anything like this happened to any of you??

Wooldridge Supertip is going on the ACSS shaft tomorrow. The current tip almost feels phenolic it's so freaking hard.
I went to a bar room eight-ball tournament once (7-foot tables) and was winning handily and undefeated, when I was faced with a three ball, cross-corner, combination shot; the 8-ball being the second ball. I called my ball and pocket and successfully made the shot. Immediately, my opponent yelled 'foul'. He then told me the 8-ball couldn't be used in a combination shot and the penalty was 'loss of game'. We were discussing the situation when a young woman "the tournament director" came over and agreed with my opponent. I explained that the rule was invalid because the 8-ball, being part of the initial rack, was already being used in combination with other balls. She replied rather curtly, 'It's my tournament, and my rules'. I unscrewed my cue, not even bothering to finish the tournament; laughing as I left the establishment.