Help, cue shaft too skinny / what tip


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Here are pics. TIA.

EDIT: What the heck, they are not there.
EDIT 2: Did it again, I see them.


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Hello, let me ask, how do you know my cue came with 5/16-18 thread? Is there a way for me to confirm that? Furthermore, it appears to me that there are two choices giving me trouble -- black collar or silver ring. Mine appears to be silver ring; that is on the invoice and when I look at, there is a silver ring! I am trying to find a 5/16-18 silver ring in the 12.75mm size and I only found black collar.
When I looked up your model and make of Cue on the Seyberts website, the specs on that particular cue indicate that it comes with that joint thread.

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A quick search tells me there's two sides to every story and neither one is necessarily true.



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If you go on eBay (which is where your cue came from originally) and do a search for "5/16x18 shaft" (you can copy and paste that if it's easier) you'll get options that range from less than $30, to over $500 for the carbon fiber shafts. Read the descriptions for the size of the tip and the taper profile of the shaft, and pick what you want.
The butt of your cue, being already machined to accept a piloted shaft, means that either piloted or flat faced will work for you. The diameter match at the face of each piece may be slightly off, but only by a few thousandths, and you'll forget about that quickly since your stroke never involves contact with that area.
I'm sure that if you don't want to keep the original shaft you have, that you could sell it for around $50 with no problem at all.