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Banker Burt

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I just starting reading through the post - Instroke Insulation Test; had to stop.

Some good information was presented and it does not appear to implicate anyone from stating the honest truth to the best of each posters ability and knowledge.

The point of the test, to me, was to clarify proper care of our cues. Without performing any tests what so ever, I know that weather has an affect on our lives - clothing, cars, homes, and all the parts that go with these neccessities; such would be the same for a cue, a golf ball, club, football, baseball, you name it.

Personally I try and keep all of my personal belongings, that can be quickly affected by weather, in a somewhat constant environment - room temp.

Adittionally, since 911 I have yet to put my cue on an airlplane. As a poolplayer, my cue does not leave my sight.

As far as the difference of opinions, let's think about common sense, and how maybe we would all be better off to just go hit some balls. It's a different kind of fight, but a lot more fun than banging egos on a forum.

Wally in Cincy

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I have never left my case in the car. Never have, never will.

I thank Donald Purdy for doing the research that confirms what common sense has always told me.

Extreme temperature changes may not affect all cues, but why take a chance.


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I use Widowmaker and a New Image leather cases with 25 year old Kersenbrocks which are extremely straight.
When traveling in my car, I have a special made blanket which wraps around the cases with a velcro flap.
...a case for my cases....
I lived in Vegas and Phoenix, and just in the short time you drive to the pool room..it can get over 100 degrees in the trunk.


Tap Tap. See you all at Derby City!

John Barton - don't give a flying &%&% about cue cases anymore - just wanna be a player but am just a wannbe :))

I bet I get at least five balls against Nevel if I play him :) Over three games of course.