Hey TAR.......


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is there any chance of a big one-pocket match happening any time soon, and TAR covering? who would everyone out there like to see match up and play? i'd love to see an Alex Pagulayan v. Scott Frost maybe?
or a Daulton v. Schmidt?
i'd love to see some worldclass one-pocket with great TAR coverage!



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I would like to see some 8-ball on a pro cut 9-foot diamond between two of the top players.

I would think that Appleton would like this type of game, as to an opponent there are quite afew that would like the match, SVB with that break of his, Efren with his 8-ball titles, ect...

IMO this sport needs to get focused on the game that the general public knows if it wants to see it's popularity soar. As much as I love playing and watching 1-pocket most people cannot stand the game.