Hi folks, I need help as WPBA Media Guide Director


Linda Carter - The QUEEN!
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Hello, everyone, I am the Media Guide Director for the WPBA. That means that I am in charge of getting the media guide/program put together and selling the ads, as well as publishing their newsletter.

I am asking for help in 2 ways:

1. Some of the ladies are having a rough time getting me high enough resolution photos to go with their bios. While I do have a few, I was wondering if any of you out there have some good high-res photos (300 dpi+) for us to use for them.

I prefer color, if possible. Some of the players have gotten back to me with great pictures, so I'm not going to call out anyone and just prefer to take any and all photos you might have of the players. Specifically, we need a head shot and one of them playing. I can crop out unneeded background, if it will still give me a large file size.

I have PMed Zeeder, but are there any other photographers that would be willing to share and get photo credits in the publication? I will consider any and all photos to fill in where I don't have any (upon approval from the player).

The top 32 are:

1 Allison Fisher
2 Ga Young Kim
3 Karen Corr
4 Monica Webb
5 Jasmin Ouschan
6 Kelly Fisher
7 Jeanette Lee
8 Line Kjorsvik
9 Helena Thornfeldt
10 Jennifer Barretta
11 Brittany Bryant
12 Jennifer Chen
13 Kim White-Newsome
14 Jana Montour
15 Ewa Laurance
16 Vivian Villarreal
17 Melissa Little
18 Dawn Hopkins
19 Joanne Ashton
20 Janet Atwell
21 Emily Duddy
22 Eleanor Callado
23 Tamara Peeters
24 Liz Cole
25 Teruko Cucculelli
26 Jessica Barnes
27 Vicki Paski
28 Cathy Metzinger
29 Siming Chen
30 Maureen Seto
31 Borana Andoni
32 Sara Miller

We also could use some good suggestions for the cover photo.

2. Ads - To offset the cost of the production, we are selling ads. If you have a billiards business of any kind, you should get in, starting at only $150 for a 1/4 page B/W ad. Another $25 gets you listed in the index, which will be a directory under headings, such as cues, poolrooms, accessories, etc. This one-time investment lasts all year and will have an international audience.

The media guide will be distributed at venues, the WPBA booth and championships, and I'm sure some will get autographed and sold to fans worldwide. The deadline to reserve your space is December 1st and your print-ready ad in pdf form should get to me by December 5th.

Please contact me at [B]wpbanews@gmail.com[/B] for a rate card or you can call me at 541-727-2996 with questions. I'm not on here as much, so a timely response is appreciated through those methods. I will also rep here on AZB anyone that contributes in either way. Thank you in advance for your support of the WPBA!

Linda Carter


Linda Carter - The QUEEN!
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Sorry I thought the rankings were off.

The rankings may differ from your opinion because some players may not have attended every tour stop that was worth points. Also, some players may have an off tournament, have a tougher draw, etc.


Linda Carter - The QUEEN!
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Linda...What is the schedule of events for which you are creating a program guide to publicize these players?

Scott Lee

Hi Scott,

I'm not involved in setting up the schedule. I am in charge of doing player's bios and other information they give me. I would imagine the total schedule is not confirmed yet for 2015. You would have to ask a Board member.


Linda Carter - The QUEEN!
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Will this be ready before the WPBA Masters at The Soaring Eagle Casino Feb 5 - 8, 2015?

Yes, absolutely! That's why we are trying to stay on schedule. However, we have opened up the deadlines to December 8 for order deadline and the 15th for ad copy.

Thank you to anyone who advertises. It starts at only $150, so send me an email at wpbanews@gmail.com!


Linda Carter - The QUEEN!
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More information on next year's schedule and the distribution of the media guides: we are currently working on 4 additional events for 2015. We will be including these magazines in our online video memberships as well as fan memberships.

If you have a business, make sure to reserve your spot!