Hickory shafts?


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Being a professional drummer, we use sticks made of hickory, oak, and maple. The most popular is hickory. It has the most "spring" to it, lasts longer, and is slightly heavier than maple.

My question is: has anyone ever tried to make a hickory cue shaft? It seems that it might make a great break shaft.

Love to hear any cuemakers input!


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I have used Hickory in a butt but not a shaft. Hickory does move a lot, so in a small diameter such as a shaft, warping would be a major concern -- not to say given enough time between turnings that it couldn't be done.

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I'm curious too!

I never thought about it before, but, now that someone mentioned it, I'm wondering too. I don't know if the characteristics of hickory would "feel" good in a pool cue shaft, but I believe they used hickory in golf club shafts years ago. Maybe it's worth a try just as an experiment:rolleyes: