Holding cues until payment of gambling money


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Have any of you had any experience with this? This was a first for me. After playing in a 8ball tourney last night I got into a little action with a guy I beat in the first round earlier. Race to 5 for $30/set 9ball. He had a backer who only wanted him to do $5/rack but gave in to the player to front the first two sets. I won the first two sets and the guy wanted to play race to 5 for $75. I said okay. I was up 4-1 when the guy forfeited. He went to his backer for the cash and the backer told him he didn't agree to back in on that last set for that much. So the player came up and said he couldn't pay but I could hold on to his equipment (Kangaroo Jumper, custom cue of some sort..not yet finish coated but nice...decent case) and he would come back tomorrow and give me $100 for the trouble. I said fine since other players said they know where he could be found if he didn't show up.

This was a first for me though. Have any of you had this experience? Did you charge way more for the "trouble"? I figured that if he didn't show I could have the cue refinished and get at least $200 for it...and have a jump cue.


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I think we have all been there- perhaps even on both sides! Happens all the time. Just remember, if you are playing someone and he/ she is not in control of the $$... between each set, either collect or pay the proper person, and see that the next bet is agreed on.

Nice of the guy to give some collateral! Just assume he will pay according to his promise- if not...sell 'em!



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Yeah he paid each set before beginning the next. But I doubt he went up to the backer for the third set or the negotiation of it. The guys I know there told me that he would be back for the cues. I think it was his first time there and being slightly tipsy he probaby didn't think he would make it out the door with me being 5" taller and probably 50+ lbs heavier. If he would have made a run for it I would have let him go. Better to let him go than have him reach his car and take a shot at me.
Happened to me at a local rough bar I use to go to. Everybody there knew me and a good player from the next town came over to try and win my little easy tournament I knew about.
We matched up after the tourny for 100 a set race to 7 on the bar tables. I win the first set and he says he quit........but he would bring me my 100 the next night at the friday night tourny I saw him at sometimes. A few of the rough locals came over and asked me if there was a problem! And if'n there was they would take care of it..........I said eassssyyyyy! The player was notorious for shooting the air biscuts SO........I told him just let me keep the Scruggs Sneaky Pete till tommorrow night. He said he didn't wanna do that????? But once I let him in on the results that I wouldn't be able to control if he didn't leave me the Cue or 100 he decided to let me hang on to the cue!
The part that made me mad was......if he wins the first set I mighta lost 1 or 2 more.......when he had no intentions of paying me when we made the game!
I kinda hoped he didn't show up for his cue....but he did! And lost 300 more to me....LOL! He woulda been money ahead to not have shown up!
I even had Eugene Browning tell me......."I'm not payin ya!, Come and try and get your money!" Over a 200 game of snooker........Seeing as how I was up 4 or 5 hundered I just laughed at him and his thug stakehorse. See if he trys giving up too many points on a 12' snooker table again! lol!


I played a guy once for 13 hours and ended up around $800 ahead. He didn't even have the money for table time on him. We had played four or five times previously and he had always paid without a problem. I took his cues and didn't even clear $200 for them. :-(

Firing an air barrel and losing cues is a comon occurrence.


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I played one guy one time.
We bet a hundred on the first set. I win.
Doubled up the next set. I won.
There's 400 dollars in the bucket.
He said double-up again and he starts dumping 20's in the right corner bucket. I win. I start counting the money. It was $160 short. He starts arguing he dropped 400 there. I said I don't give kaka b/c I left all my money there. He asks me to follow him to his bank (this was midnight). I told him I'll hold his cues until he comes back b/c I KNEW he would take off. He withraws his money from an ATM in the bar instead and pays the ATM charge.
The same player tried to hock his cue to a friend of mine. He tried to hock it way too high and he starts babbling about the value of his cues. Unbeknownst to him, I knew who made the cue, the model number and it's price brand new. I told my friend to give him 25% of the cue's brand new price. He loses the cue and rebuys it a week later.


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whatever you give up as collateral,,,,,,dont expect to get back. ive got a friend that gave up his cue till the next day and came back to pay the guy in order to get the cue back. his cue was history.,,,,,,,,,,,, btw it was in jacksonville and his cue was a szamboti


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Just an update....
....homedude never showed at the 9ball tourney last night. I'll give him a week of two before deciding what to do with his cue. I might put his jump cue in my case right now since I don't have one. His friend might still come around for the tourney so we'll see what he says.
As far as the cue goes. It doesn't hit all that bad. Not a matching shaft to the butt but I could have my maker make a new shaft for it. It isn't finish coated so I could also hav him put some floating points or inlays in there. It is a dark brown wood with a checker-boarded brown and maple wrap area and a brown buttcap. Solme silver accent rings. I'll get a pic up as soon as I get my digital on it. A cue dealer in the tourney last night said he has seen a cue like this before so it may be a POS. We'll see.

The case is a definite POS. 2x3 fake aligator leather looking thing. Yuck. Might get $10 on ebay LOL.


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How do u play for the cash then lose and then not pay .i sorry but if u play u should pay..me i need the cash not the prizes.So i don't gamble unless we put up the cash or is a friend..And that is slim...


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I guess I'm just kind-hearted. If I got a guy stuck and he has some of the money but not all, I'm okay with it. Hey, it was money I didn't have before and I thoroughly enjoy playing pool so what's the big deal? I know, there's a principle here but I have a hard time finding it when we're talking about gambling. I guess this is why I'm not much of a gambler. I keep thinking there might be small kids missing a meal or something!


Thats how I always got my cues from people that could not pay me. My playing cue now was froma guy that didnt have the money from that night or from a couple of other nights so he just handed me his new cue and case that he was so proud of.

9 years later and he is still trying to buy it back. The look on his face every time he sees me pull it out to play is priceless.