How about a case review?


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This is a 4x8 Sterling case with the new JB interior.
I have also put this review in the for sale section on the thread that JB is promoting this case.

Pictures are from JB and not mine.




The Vinyl quality is nice, not as nice as the Instroke Premier but for the price ($90 for a 4x8 not including shipment and taxes) it is very nice.
The long pouch does not have a side compartment for a jump cue handle which is a shame because I doubt if having it would have made this case more then $2 more expansive to build.
If you must carry a jump cue then it'll fit nicely inside the long pouch, even with a joint protector, so you can roll it a hand towel to protect it and you're good to go.
Both pouches are high enough to accommodate a pool ball with no problems.

All zippers are running smoothly and since they are made of some kind of soft plastic, it will probably not hurt the cues.

The strap and handle are the same cheap ones that we've seen on Sterling and other cheap cases in the past, but really for $90 you can't ask for more. For me, it's not a big deal as this case will not leave the house and will be used for storage only.

As you can see from John's photos, the dividers look thick and cushy... something that I haven't seen on any other 4x8 tubeless cases before. This spec is what made me want this case. Well the sad news is that the dividers are only that thick for about 2 inches.... after that it is a thin divider (still protective but thin)... I guess there is no way 4 butts and 8 shafts would have fitted in there if the dividers would have been thick all the way down.
My case comes with that "Organic Rebound interior" which I believe (correct me if I'm wrong here John) is simply due the the fact that the compartments that hold the cue parts is a shorter elastic "sock" so it is stretched when a butt or shaft is inserted but jumps right back up. I guess if the dividers were thick all the way down you could not create that "pop up" effect.

4 butts and 8 shafts do fit in it BUT its very crowded, too crowded if you ask me, the fit is very tight and I doubt if I'll hold 4 butts and 8 shafts in it on a constant base, I'll probably hold in it 2 to 3 butts and about 6 shaft. (Unless I'll win more raffles and won't have any more "cue space" :rolleyes: )

The Bottom line:
For $90 (even for $150) it is the best 4x8 case that you can get.
I would rather have it a bit bigger so cues will be more "relaxed" and have the thick dividers go all the way down.
I would also prefer not to have that "pop up" feature, so the cue parts won't stick out for about an inch into the open space of the lid.
But for my current needs as a storage case and mostly for shafts then it fits me just right!!!


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that is

a real good review. Never saw the case and don't own one. I would know what to expect if I bought one..

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Skor, the padding in the case is at the top and bottom, this is done for three reasons, to reduce weight and reduce the compression in the center. I have many different versions of this interior, close to 50 I'd guess, and the ones that have padding extending all the way down are less useful because they tend to hang up with certain configurations. They also weigh more, enough that you can feel the difference.

But the compression factor was the biggest reason that I chose to make the top and bottom well padded and leave the center unpadded. The last thing I want to see happen is for some shafts to get squeezed into positions where they are bent from the pressure.

I should post a diagram of what the interior of this case looks like in a cross section. Nothing touches, nothing rattles. The cue is secure at he top and bottom and held snugly.

Jump cue pouch: I don't know, I thought about it but I guess I just decided to skip it on this version. An unusual departure from my normal form follows function approach I admit. I will put a jump cue compartment on all future versions of this case.