how do shurtz cues play


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I have often wondered the same thing. I see them available from time to time at very low prices compared to other cues. Makes you ask: "Why?"

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Shutrz cues

I think that they play great and the craftsmanship is there too. For whatever reason Bob's cues have not taken off like they should. He is a great guy to deal with as well.



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Being from Kansas City, I have owned a few and hit several Shurtz cues and I would say they are an excellent value.



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I own two and my roommate owns two as well. The hit is great....and bob will do whatever you want as far as joints and woods.


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Bob Owen is a good friend and my cuemaker. I started playing Bob pool over 30 years ago. I know and am friends with both of his sons, Robert and Gabe, although I prefer playing Robert .... :D :D :D

I have a slight annoyance with Bob, in that he does not put his best work on his website, although most have been 1 of a kind type cues he has done for friends. He makes an excellent cue, real good hit, and I especially like the balance of the 2 Shurtz cues I have had. And I am very picky about the balance of a cue.

He makes a very reasonable starter custom cue, as well good ones in the $700 range, $1,000 and over range. He makes his own 314-1, -2 type shafts which most people don't know. He also makes skinny butts, as my $1,100 Shurtz had one.

He made me an offer a little over a year ago on an ebony, coco, and ivory cue that was really nice looking with brass lined inlays and leather wrap with a 314-1 type shaft on it, but although I like to look at them, ebony and ivory is not my preferred style of cue.

I think Bob's cues are a bargain for what you get, no matter what price range. I would normally spend in the $700-$1,600 range if I was to buy anymore.

The 2 most popular cues around here among people you could call 'Players' (those who gamble on a regular basis and play a good game) are Shurtzes and Schons.
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Excellent Value

I have a Shurtz with a bubinga forearm. One of my favorite cues. Nicely balanced and a very responsive hit.

Call or email Bob Owen and he'll send you photos of cues available for sale. He sent me pics of half a dozen cues that weren't on the website and was very responsive to questions. Transaction was smooth and the cue was exactly as represented.


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I bought one for my daughter about 3 years ago. It was a break/jump cue. Breaks the balls real well for her and she jumps most of the time with a full cue. No need to break it down to the short side.

I would thoroughly recommend this one to anyone that wanted a jump/break cue.

Also, Bob is a great person to work with.


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Bob Owen makes a good cue

Shurtz cues are typically cored and play quite consistently. They have a quiet hit without the whippy deflection that is typical to other soft hitting cues. That being said, I would encourage you to talk to Bob directly. He is a very talented cuemaker who can build the qualities you want into the cue you order.

His contact data:
Bob Owen
2006 S. Washington
Wichita, Ks. 67211
(316) 269-3844


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I spoke with him at his booth at the SBE, he had some really nice cues there. I hope to add one to my collection this year.


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I have an ebony 4-pointer w/yellow & black veneers that plays pretty nice. It's got a 5/16 x 14 SS joint and plays very similarly to a Jacoby I have with a similar configuration. I'd say a medium hit, not soft bit not super stiff either. For $300 new, it was a steal.


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the cues play great,Bob Owen makes the cues and i have had several of them and they all play great,if you want something special,he has several innovative shaft designs.if he was not such a productive worker the cues would cost a fortune because they play so good and the ones i got were beautiful also.i will try to post his phone number so you can order one,believe me they are worth the money,and he stands behind his product.


I play with a Schurtz cue and I think it is a great cue with a nice feel to it.Beautiful piece of work as are so many of Bob's cues.Nice gentleman and I hope to buy another one soon.


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Bob makes his cues under his own name for the past several years. I think he’s the most underrated cuemaker today, and he’s rated pretty high! While building Shurtz, he started building his butts with a single core that ran the entire length. The feels was just spectacular. The rest of his fit, finish, and aesthetics are as good as anyone in the business.