How do you compare two cues?


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The real answer is this ..... Use what feels the best to you. it doesnt matter what you choose today ... next week it will probably be different.

best thing to do is fin what taper/tip/weight/length combination you like the best. it might not even be all these combinations that matter to you.

stiff taper with hard tip
stiff taper soft tip ....
thick shaft vs thin whippy shaft and a soft or medium tip...

so on and so forth.... you might find a cheap 2 piece cue plays better than a 4k cue ...

you might find the 2 cues you have are not even your ideal cue ... pool is a journey


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Keep both. Some times you want a change of cue between sets or for different games. Shoot with the mezz as default then swap to the pred if you're shooting like shit (12.9mm tip might help straighten your stroke)
Keep both,,,when you're playing like crap blame the cue and switch to the other.
It's an isntant 3 pack.
I wonder how much is the placebo effect and how much is a different cue sort of resetting your stroke.
Alternate sessions.
Sooner or later you will get into a zone with one of them ie. have a really good session.
Odds are that one will be your new favorite and that one will be the one that you get used to playing with.
Yeah, If I never have one of those days where the balls seem to jump in the holes with a cue, I know it's not the cue for me.