How do you guys handle the loud music at pool halls?

Rusty in Montana

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As a union stagehand since 1980 I've set up and worked more concerts than I can remember the only one's I didn't enjoy was Metalica and the rap groups but a pay check is a pay check.
Garth Brooks has been a favorite of mine and he's a fun guy to boot , Chris Ledoux is another I really miss him but Ned is still touring.
Def Leppard is a favorite too I enjoy the older rock and roll .


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Not when they're screeching, it's not.

Hell's Bells about ruined my patience. It helped long term with dealing with music that sharks a player's soul, but man, it took a long time for me.

With that said, their song about getting to the top of rock n roll, or something along those lines, is the nuts.

Jeff Livingston
It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n rlol.


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I got used to playing in places where it was loud,and in SOME cases I prefer it that way.

What used to really bother me was complete quiet,then the accidental clack of a beer bottle being dropped,or someone's shoes squeaking in the back.

Foam earplugs stopped that. ALMOST any music is better than that,long as it's not cryin' in your beer country or most of the rap these days.

These days,it's Klipsch ear buds and my own playlist. So far,I haven't been anyplace that didn't allow them.

On the other hand,if the jukebox is internet capable,I've been known to bust out 80's metal and Dream Theater. Tommy D.

Brookeland Bill

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" I never lose to Freebird" Is what the young man said as he was racking for the 4th consecutive $5 game and Freebird came on. I broke and ran. As he racked again I said, "I never lose to Freebird either!"
I never loose when George Thorogood is singing One Bourbon, One Scotech, One Beer. Never!

Dan White

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I used to know a guy who played with 2 quarters in his ear. I never figured out why but maybe it had to do with noise. Thing is he put both quarters in one ear and not the other one IIRC.


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I walked out of the Montana State 8-ball Championship, music(at that level i doubt it can be called music) was so loud the balls on the table were moving. The table was right next to a giant speaker, many players asked to turn it down. The drink runner said they cant turn it down. Sucks that the bar owner was catering to 20 or so drinkers at the barthat were not in the tourny, NOT the 96 pool players playing the tourny. I will never go back.
If someone is going to host a pool tournament then they need to actually host the tournament, not just allow the players into the place.


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So I'm curious what are some ways you guys handle the loud music from the blaring jukebox at the pool hall? I'm trying ear plugs at the moment anyone else got any other recommendations?
Doesn't bother me at all. Obviously I prefer some music a lot over others, but in my opinion getting distracted by loud music or anything else is a good reason to work on your concentration.

Biloxi Boy

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From the bar box badlands of my youth, Pat Benatar, Kansas, Heart, etc., with the meters pegged and table lights shaking, so much smoke pouring out the door into the ninety degree night you'd think the place was on fire. Hotter girls on the hoods in the parking lot. Not my favorite music or mileau, but it was what it was.


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Once I cannot converse with my opponent/friend because of the sound level I pack up and leave. It is absurd how loud the music is at times. Looking at a new place to play at now in fact. They have league pool on Wednesday and I am going to show up and hang around to see what it is like there...