How do you store your collection?


Jamie Ruff
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I just bought another cue so now I am going to need to put one of them into storage for now. How do you other collectors out there store your cues to minimize the chances of warping and other types of damage?


AzB Silver Member
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The best solution i've found to store my cues & shafts at home is the JB 10x20 tubular case. avaible by Chady or order direct to john

Compact, can be locked (meh, damn children ;) & cats ) , super super strong protection , butts & shafts are stored vertically. Even it's made for pool cues, my carom cues with their rubber or silicon grips do fit perfectly into the sleeves.

My best buy for many years !!
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Grammer Are For Stupids
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No big time collector or anything, but I keep most of them in a vertical hard case. It's basically a rolling vertical tube style case with an ATA rated (flight) locking exterior. Holds like 40 cues IIRC.

Mikey Town

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I heard an interview (of sorts) with Ernie Gutierrez where he said that the absolute best way to store a cue is standing up vertically, put together, away from any exterior walls (less chance of moisture getting into the wood). He also recommended taking them out and playing them every few weeks because the wood will age, and resist warping, better if it's "worked out" now and again.

That said, put together or broken down, as long as they are stored straight up and down and in a place of fairly consistent temperature/humidity, they should be fine.