How to Collect Mosconi Cup Points -- Ideas


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Looking for some ideas for how Matchroom should collect Mosconi Cup points for the U.S. Players. You never know maybe we could come up with something that they like.

Here's an idea I just thought of and it may or may not be a good one:

One possible way they could set up the points system would be to give players points based on their best finishes in certain regional events. They could have a handful of regional events count from the different areas of the country. They could use the Joss Tour, The Mezz Tour, The Predator, you get the idea. Then your top however many finishes could be applied to your point total. Then you would also include the Major events for everybody.

This way you're not forced to attend events that are most likely going to be a financial loss for the player. Instead, you would be expected to play in the regional events that are near you and of course you could always play them all to ensure you get some top finishes. This would also make the points race a little more exciting because more players would have a realistic chance to finish on top.

Just throwing that out there...

Anybody have any thoughts?


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You want the best of the best? Set up a system like tennis. Rankings and seeding in tournaments. Not sure what would have been a better team than we had this year. It was 11-7 with chances to win several matches. Several hill hill matches that could have gone either way. Maybe another year of working on kicks and safeties will make for a much stronger team.

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I don't know enough about the regional tours. Do they have some type of "main event" or season finale that's bigger than the others? Is anyone allowed to play - so, if Mike Dechaine for example never played in any of the smaller regional tour events out west, could he still play in the "big one?"

I would think a series of events around the US, maybe one big one from each of the major regional tours, plus all of the well-known stand-alone 9' 9-ball events (maybe about 5?), for a total of 6-8 events, would make a decent points "tour." I'd also include the World 9-ball Championship. With Mark Wilson's interest in using the Mosconi Cup as a vehicle to promote American pool, I'd think he would be behind expanding it and marketing it a little bit.

I don't know how to do it, but I think the Mosconi Cup points events have the best possibility of becoming a pro tour in the US.


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I agree that the drive for Mosconi Cup points could be the catalyst for creating a pro tour. I also like what Mark Wilson is doing with trying to use the Cup to promote pool here in the U.S.

I don't know if the timing would be right or not but instead of concluding the points race at the end of the U.S. Open maybe, just maybe someone could put together one final event. It could be right in St. Louis and it could be a Mosconi Cup Qualifier Invitational. It could kick off the March to Mosconi. Maybe invite the top 10 players from the Mosconi points list and figure out a way to award additional points. At the conclusion of the event you would know who your final team consisted of.

Just another idea.

I would really like to see those competing for the final few spots on the team go head to head in some way. It would make for an interesting event to watch.
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I always wondered why all the biggest US events don't come together independently under one roof? Seems the most logical step...:thumb:

BCAPL (8ball) - Possibly go back to 9ft
DERBY CITY (10ball)
SBE (10ball)
2-4 more

Could even call it the US Mosconi Tour so it promotes the showcase throughout the year? :thumb:

Just a thought...