How was 2007 in pool for you?


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I got thinking about this a few days ago & decided to start a thread.

Personally, I have to consider 2007 a succesful year for me where pool is concerned. The highlights so far (yes, I know it's almost 2008 but you never know!)

1. I became totally hooked on AZB!
2. Thanks to meeting Donovan I ended up playing on a league team with a great bunch of guys.
3. Two trophies so far with two more to come in January.
4. Had some profitable nights in small tournaments (& a little action!)
5. Met up with several more AZBer's & had a great time. Good people!
6. My game has improved a lot in the last 12 months, I think I'm mentally far stronger than I was when I played years ago.
7. Most importantly, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

So, overall I'm pleased with 2007. I do have a few targets I'd like to meet in '08 & hopefully I'll do that.

Now, I want to know how everyone else feels about their year in pool. Was it a success or a disappointment? Let's hear about it!

And of course, Merry Christmas to you all!


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I also had a great year playing pool. I shot better than previous year and shot better in a big tournament than I ever have before. I took a lesson from Scott Lee earlier in the year, and it was definately worth it. I also started playing more straight pool this year and it has helped improve my game as well. I look forward to a better year this upcoming year and hope to improve my game even more :) . Happy Holidays everyone.


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other than the fact that out LO made us play summer session (because we won Vegas qualifier), it was pretty good. Team Championships (APA 8 ball) in Vegas was an eye-opener, but then again, didn't leave a TOTAL bitter taste in my mouth. I have gone down from 2 leagues a week to one (Thurs. only, no more Sun.), and that is nice as well. Playing first time playing in league was last fall session, and I'd say I'm playing quite a bit better than then :)


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got my own table this year along with a roof to go over it. i've made several changes to my game including moving my feet to be closer to parralel to the cue, keeping my chin to the cue, eliminating the dreaded chicken wing and adding a pause prior to the final stroke. I'm still working on it and it's still not second nature. Still, overall my game has improved so 2007 wasnt such a waste :)


I started playing a little bit in 2007 after a few years without pool...
So I guess it was a positive year for me as far as pool goes

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I started seriously playing this year - first tournament, first league. 9 months ago I joined an APA league and have went from a solid 3 to a solid 6 since. I won the team MVP trophy for both 8 Ball and 9 Ball in my first session, and barring losing my next 5 games in a row, I should win another one this session. I'm currently in 4th overall in the league with a 70% win percentage and two points behind 2nd. Still an amateur, but I'm gettin' there. I'm getting a home table setup tomorrow, then I can actually practice; even if it is only a bar box.

Oh, and I also joined AZB.


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For me, it was a very tough year - although I felt I was playing ok, the desire to play left for most of the year. Ironically, I found the desire again through writing about it - weird how life turns out :)

Best wishes to all for the new year!!



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I've got my ups and downs. Played competition and mine winning rate is like 40%, I consider it as pretty low. Have learn a lot, but got lack of practice. To busy with work and study, so only playing once a week or two. Will play 3-4 times a week in 2008. The best thing happend to me was winning the 1st price at a tournament against 15 other players, some good, some bad.


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Worst year ever for me. The love of the game is and will always be there but the lack of motivation and friends to join me on my own table is the least it's ever been.

Sad but true!



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WesleyW said:
I've got my ups and downs. Played competition and mine winning rate is like 40%, I consider it as pretty low. Have learn a lot, but got lack of practice. To busy with work and study, so only playing once a week or two. Will play 3-4 times a week in 2008. The best thing happend to me was winning the 1st price at a tournament against 15 other players, some good, some bad.

Wish I played 3-4 times a month!


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I played better, won more tournament money, but still have a long way to go to be where I would like to be.


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it was ok. Much more free style as I was playing friends. Thats all I pretty much play now. After the previous year playing everyone and anyone. :cool: ...probably averaged eighty percent of playing days available...what we do is have matches, races to eight or nine for 8ball or 9ball, drink beer some of the time, taxi in and out and throw money above the lights from time to time. Played at three regular different venues as well as some others. Also the social networking of folks who like to meet you in the pool playing way increased as pool became the 'in' thing to do here. We also had our own tournament for the Juice Cup. I watched from afar, the international going ons at WPC and Mosconi. That doesn't really matter much what people say. Its all in who won.
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My 2007:

I hardly played at all. Couldn't stand to go to league. Had problems even thinking about the break shot. Couldn't get a roll. Had horrible luck.

OTOH, I had the biggest tournament win of my life, so that all things balance out.



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After about a 5 year lay off from pool cause of a big accident , this was the first year I could again bend over a pool table so yay for me !

It was a tough summer, trying to live up to what I remember my game to be but in the last few weeks (actually) I am finally seeing a glimmer of my former self and am expecting to go into 2008 for new hope and confidence.

Also , first year of pool league of any kind. Met a bunch of new , good people finally outweighing the # of low quality people I typically meet just trying to 'match up' blindly so that was good too. Ended at SL7 (apa)which is decent I think , only 2 more levels left to hit as a goal. :)

In the middle of a new monster custom cue that should done before the Hopkins show comes around. Spent all year + waiting on that so again , more excitement schedule for 2008.

I guess it was a decent 'Pool' year and hopes of '08 getting even better.

Fingers Crossed. ;)


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It was a great pool year for me.

Eighteen months of physical therapy on my left leg had brought me back to the point that I could play far more pool than in the last two years. Although I only play pool on the weekend these days, I have promised myself that I will play a minimum of five hours per week, and was as good as my word on all but a few weekends in 2007. In June, I played in my first competitive event of any kind in years, a qualifier for the World Straight Pool Championships, and won the spot, so I got to play in the championships, which was quite a thrill.

It was also a year when I made some new friends and acquaintances through pool and through the AZB florum, and I'm grateful for that.

Finally, 2007was the year that the new Amsterdam Billiard Club opened, and it's the best poolroom I have ever played in. I love the place, love the owners, love the staff, and love the people who play there, and Amsterdam Billiards is located in East Greeenwich Village, which is quite possibly the most energetic area in New York City.


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Well, 2007 was a mixed-bag for me when it comes to Pool ... I finally got used to, and started enjoying, 9-Ball ... It is the game of choice in most Rooms, so I made myself play just so I could get some table time in with an opponent ... On the downside, I developed a Cataract on my right eye and it has really taken a toll on all my Pool games in the past 5 months ... I will schedule surgery for early next year and (hopefully) I will be hittin' em a lot better soon after ...


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2007 was indeed a very good year in terms of Pool after a six year layoff to start a family. I entered the Super Billiards Expo amateur tournament in Valley Forge this year and just missed the money round, but what a great experience. This was the first big tournament ever for me. I finally got my first pool table ( a Diamond Pro Am!!) after dreaming about one for the last 10 years. I have met and made new friends especially from AZ billiards that enjoy this game and collecting cues as much as I do. And most importantly, when I think about Pool and my experience in 2007, it brings me a smile and great memories. If 2008 is as good as 2007, I will truly be blessed with a sport that I so much love.

All the best to everyone for a wonderful 2008. May the balls roll your way.

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Didn't get much a chance to play at all this year. So much pain, just not worth it. Last time I looked at a cue was the VNEA Nationals.

One of the other reasons I didn't Play a lot was Pool School. We had a banner year at Dallas and on the Road....thanks everyone.

In Nov. I had a major Hip Replacement and a Knee Scope, same leg. Today, no pain and looking forward to picking up my Jerico. I start the New Year with a full class and both my pool teams looking forward to my return.......SPF=randyg