Howard cue for sale


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Macassar ebony with black leather wrap. Ricks ring work at all locations

19.3oz total

2 Shafts 3.8oz each.
3/8-11 pin
Joint protectors included

Even split 58”

is a solid player and in excellent condition. Straight together and apart.

$875 shipped and insured CONUS. Papal add fees or F&F

not really looking to trade but my consider other customs cues.


NY Lefty

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Is the cue cored ? Looking for a non cored ebony nosed cue. Yours is nice. I have a beautiful Titleist conversation by Jeffrey Tucker to trade if your interested. Thanks

Johnny Rosato

AzB Silver Member
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I've owned a total of about 50 cues in my life and still own 6 now.
By far my Rick Howard is the best of the bunch, of anything I've ever shot with.
(McDermott D/E Series not too far behind).
My game pretty much sucks but it sucks a lot less playing with my Howard.
This looks like it will be a helluva player and at $875, especially it being Macassar Ebony and with 2 shafts this is a fantastic deal,
as long as it hasn't been used as a prybar or for hitting small rocks like a baseball bat.
Good luck with the sale, shouldn't last long.